Collabs: Robert Biesemans

With the ‘collabs’ posts I’m goïng to put a photographer I worked (or still work) with in the spotlights. And the first one, the one (as a model) I owe a lot to, is Robert Biesemans. Don’t know if I would be where I am today if Robert didn’t helped my on my way. He […]

Music to freestyle to (Part 1)

At a recent shoot the photographer made me freestyle to music by the English band Massive Attack. This gave me the idea whenever I hear or think of a song excellent for freestyling to share it. And the first one is … *drum roll* … :

Modelling and Comfort

Modelling (or modeling) is something I really love to do. I do it with all my heart. It’s a passion for me. Will never call myself a great model (hate arrogance), but I do strive to get the best results as possible. One very important thing to achieve those results, no matter if a professional […]

My own website

Finally… My own website, and sooo sooo happy with it! First of all, a big thank you to Hinse for helping me creating it ❤️ As a model social media like Facebook, Instagram (and so on) is a great way to get in touch with lots of photographers, but there are restrictions. Especially if you […]


I worked with:

Greet Pictaz

Pé Pieters

Robert Biesemans

Corpus Vocale

Luc Vandorpe

Franky Fine Art

Manfred Van Ursel

Robert Van Brustum

Melicious Paints

Jo Pauwels

Dirk Colaert

Klikoog Fotografie

THRILL Photography

Willem Ossieur

Curiouz Eye

Jan Torfs

Hinse Fotografie

Bart Boodts

Bert Decoene

Johan Nolf

Francis De Laet

Thru Peters Eyes

Wilfried Goovaerts

Ma Jader