Collabs: Luc Vandorpe

Luc Vandorpe is very high in my list of ‘favorite photographers’, and not just because he is a great photographer. Luc is such a sweet and down to earth guy. When shooting with him you instantly feel comfortable. There is no stress, no pressure or anything like that; only a fun and relaxed time.

He also helps you search for great poses. Not every photographer does this, but I appreciate it very much when a photographer does so. As a model you can take various poses, but small details like for example the position of your hand, the direction you are looking at, head a little higher or little lower, all those details can add to the final results of the photos.

When you take a look at his work you will notice he has a preference for more older, charming locations and a use of natural light. Something I absolutely love too.

Would I recommend shooting with Luc? Of course!

You can take a look at his work and contact Luc here:

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