Collabs: Greet Pictaz

Sorry to all my other favorite photographers but Greet is my number one favorite!

Let me tell you why. First of all, shooting with a female photographer is on a totally different level than shooting with a male photographer. The feeling of being comfortable is there instantly, much much easier to communicate (you know, woman amongst each other 😊) and the way a female photographer portrays you can’t compare with the way a male photographer does (technique, the female eye, … ).

And not just that. Greet is such a fun, enthusiastic and wonderful person to be with. You can’t have anything but a great time.

Need a photographer? Contact her. You will not regret it!



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  1. Greet Pictaz
    Greet Pictaz says:

    OMG, Hayley, you make me blush. 🥰

    Writing such a lovely review.

    Indeed we had a good time doing this shoot and wonderfull results. So, also for me a top notch collab. *high five*


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