Collabs: Bart Boodts

Bart Boodts is the kind of photographer who is excellent in capturing people, in capturing moments & memories.

His slogan ‘You are beautiful’ says it all. You may agree with me or you may not but to me real beauty is not what the media wants to make you believe is beautiful. It is beïng yourself, being true to the real you. We all come in so many different shapes and sizes. Do you want to live in a photoshopped world? I do not.

And this is excactly what Bart does and is really good at. No matter what kind of shoot (artistic, portrait, wedding, …), he will always portray the real you and by doing so give you great memories.

Surgeries, and chemo & radiation therapy affected my body, does it matter? No. It is part of what I experienced in life, part of who I am.

Moment of writing this I have only collaborated with Bart one time, but more than enough for me to know I can strongly recommend him.

Want to do a shoot with Bart? Here is where you can contact him:

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