Due to illness of my husband (on the waiting list for a liver transplant) it is not possible for me to accept much shoot requests.

If you would like to book me please keep in mind there is a possibility I may have to cancel.

My husband’s health is my primary concern right now.

Thank you for understanding.

Always great when photographers you work/worked with promote you or give you a positive reference. Makes you as a model feel really really appreciated 🙂

Thank you so much Franky Fine Art for the lovely review you gave me on my PurplePort account! ❤️

Edit: Recently deleted my PurplePort account. No longer active there.

Sorry to all my other favorite photographers but Greet is my number one favorite!

Let me tell you why. First of all, shooting with a female photographer is on a totally different level than shooting with a male photographer. The feeling of being comfortable is there instantly, much much easier to communicate (you know, woman amongst each other 😊) and the way a female photographer portrays you can’t compare with the way a male photographer does (technique, the female eye, … ).

And not just that. Greet is such a fun, enthusiastic and wonderful person to be with. You can’t have anything but a great time.

Need a photographer? Contact her. You will not regret it!



Luc Vandorpe is very high in my list of ‘favorite photographers’, and not just because he is a great photographer. Luc is such a sweet and down to earth guy. When shooting with him you instantly feel comfortable. There is no stress, no pressure or anything like that; only a fun and relaxed time.

He also helps you search for great poses. Not every photographer does this, but I appreciate it very much when a photographer does so. As a model you can take various poses, but small details like for example the position of your hand, the direction you are looking at, head a little higher or little lower, all those details can add to the final results of the photos.

When you take a look at his work you will notice he has a preference for more older, charming locations and a use of natural light. Something I absolutely love too.

Would I recommend shooting with Luc? Of course!

You can take a look at his work and contact Luc here:

In the top 3 of my ‘best songs of 2022’ list!

Shooting with is always an adventure!

How can I describe it? After having detected with him where exactly in his photo art I would fit best, he knew perfectly how to guide me out of my comfort zone. And now thinking about it, afterwards I do not regret one moment that he did so.

As a Fine Art/Art Nude model I’m used to pose at various locations (both indoor and outdoor), doing an Art Nude shoot in more public locations however was, at the moment of my first shoot with Pé, new to me.

First let me say, everything is done with the utmost caution. It is never, never ever, the intention to shock or upset people. Actually, in case people would arrive I always have a dress nearby I can put on very quickly.

Pé is also a fun, very correct and optimistic guy to be around. Because of this it does not take you long to feel comfortable. And comfort is everything; it can make or break a shoot.

Two shoots have already passed and without any doubt I can say I’m really looking forward to the next one, and the next one, and the next one …

Like to get in touch with Pé or see more of his work?


Let’s talk about … favorite music!

Usually when someone asks me what music I like I answer; ‘everything from ABBA to ZZ Top’. Though that hardly covers it, there’s so much music I like!

I do have some all-time favorite bands/artists I’m a big big fan of since very young:

  • Kraftwerk
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Vangelis
  • Mike Oldfield
  • Jean Michel Jarre

Other bands/artists I always enjoy listening to:

Robert Miles, Tears For Fears, Project Pitchfork, Simple Minds, A Flock Of Seagulls, Simply Red, William Orbit, Michael Jackson, Joy Division, Roxette, Underworld, The KLF,  Chris Rea, Depeche Mode, Clannad, Level 42, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, The Cult, The Cure, Jan Hammer, Dead Can Dance, Gary Numan, Nova, Delerium, Dire Straits, Giorgio Moroder, Fields Of The Nephilim, Talk Talk, Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra, Doe Maar, Duran Duran, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Doors, Enya, Enigma, Front 242, Paul Van Dyk, The Everly Brothers, Nightwish, Eurythmics, Koto, Frank Boeijen Groep,  The Future Sound Of London, Gary Moore, Dimmu Borgir, Gipsy Kings, Gloria Estefan & Miami Soundmachine, Haddaway, Heather Nova, Icehouse, The Icicle Works, The Jef Healey Band, John Carpenter, Killing Joke, Rammstein, Lenny Kravitz, Loreena McKennitt, Metallica, Phil Collins, Alan Parsons Project, Leopold 3, Münchener Freiheit, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Pet Shop Boys, Paradise Lost, R.E.M., The Sisters Of Mercy, Type O Negative, …

If someone would ask me what my favorite decades are; 80’s closely followed by the 90’s.

Always welcome to let me know what your favorite music is 🙂

We had to wait long for it but finally finally great weather again! 😊

Therefore, during summer, I will give full priority to outdoor shoots over studio shoots. As long as the weather is great I want to take as much advantage as I can to shoot outside.

Like to book me for a shoot or get in touch, go to my Book me or Contact page.

One from the 1995 ‘Leftism’ album by Leftfield and what an album; great from the start till the end!

With the ‘collabs’ posts I’m goïng to put a photographer I worked (or still work) with in the spotlights. And the first one, the one (as a model) I owe a lot to, is Robert Biesemans.

Don’t know if I would be where I am today if Robert didn’t helped my on my way.

He believed in me from the start, helped me build up a portfolio with photos I’m proud of. If I need advice or help I can always turn to him. And, just by the way Robert keeps promoting me, always makes me feel he loves working with me too.

Robert Biesemans is very professional in what he does. has his own unique and creative way of making photos, and (can’t mention enough how important I find this) instantly makes you feel comfortable.

After several studio shoots, a home boudoir shoot, and as he was the photographer on me and my husband’s wedding in september 2021 I can say one thing with certainty: whenever Robert asks me for a shoot I will never say no!

Interested in working with Robert Biesemans? Here is where you can contact him: