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Limited Acceptance Of Shoot Requests

Due to illness of my husband (on the waiting list for a liver transplant) it is not possible for me to accept much shoot requests. If you would like to book me please keep in mind there is a possibility I may have to cancel. My husband’s health is my primary concern right now. Thank […]

References: Franky Fine Art

Always great when photographers you work/worked with promote you or give you a positive reference. Makes you as a model feel really really appreciated 🙂 Thank you so much Franky Fine Art for the lovely review you gave me on my PurplePort account! ❤️ Edit: Recently deleted my PurplePort account. No longer active there.

Collabs: Greet Pictaz

Sorry to all my other favorite photographers but Greet is my number one favorite! Let me tell you why. First of all, shooting with a female photographer is on a totally different level than shooting with a male photographer. The feeling of being comfortable is there instantly, much much easier to communicate (you know, woman […]

Collabs: Luc Vandorpe

Luc Vandorpe is very high in my list of ‘favorite photographers’, and not just because he is a great photographer. Luc is such a sweet and down to earth guy. When shooting with him you instantly feel comfortable. There is no stress, no pressure or anything like that; only a fun and relaxed time. He […]

Collabs: Pé Pieters

Shooting with Pé is always an adventure! How can I describe it? After having detected with him where exactly in his photo art I would fit best, he knew perfectly how to guide me out of my comfort zone. And now thinking about it, afterwards I do not regret one moment that he did so. […]

Favorite Music

Let’s talk about … favorite music! Usually when someone asks me what music I like I answer; ‘everything from ABBA to ZZ Top’. Though that hardly covers it, there’s so much music I like! I do have some all-time favorite bands/artists I’m a big big fan of since very young: Kraftwerk Tangerine Dream Vangelis Mike […]


We had to wait long for it but finally finally great weather again! 😊 Therefore, during summer, I will give full priority to outdoor shoots over studio shoots. As long as the weather is great I want to take as much advantage as I can to shoot outside. Like to book me for a shoot […]

Collabs: Robert Biesemans

With the ‘collabs’ posts I’m goïng to put a photographer I worked (or still work) with in the spotlights. And the first one, the one (as a model) I owe a lot to, is Robert Biesemans. Don’t know if I would be where I am today if Robert didn’t helped my on my way. He […]